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Husband and wife is the only relation that cannot be defined in words. Sometimes, they care for each other as parents, caretaker, but sometimes they fight with each other as much as an enemy. However, at the end of the day, they are best friends.

Marriage is an institution of two people enveloped in a sacred belief with attraction and love. The best thing about marriage is that husband and wife have a mutual understanding by which they solve the bad time, frustrations, depressions.


divorce problem solution

According to Hinduism there are Saat janam of every person in which he/she promised to remain with the one throughout these seven lives. Since we believe in reincarnation, we assume that if the life partner who was with you in this birth also meets the same life partner in the next life.

However, some marriages cannot go last long. And the couple gets separated. This is the worst thing which happens when husband and wife do not agree with each other for some matters.

The reasons might be – lack of communication, jealousy, Paranoid Personality Disorder (Shak ki bimari), fight, mis-understanding, thoughts, family problems, etc.

In today’s busy life, Women are very independent and they like to work and live like a self-independent. Women of earlier times are very dependent on their husband and family, but the time is now changed. Most of the divorce problems are related to it.

The other reasons are stress, inability to satisfy partners, sex problems, financial problems, family problems, child problems, impotent problems, third pary angle, etc.

If you are one of the people who is facing divorce problems, then it might be due to the Rahu-ketu dosha, Sade sati-problem, kundli dosh, black-magic.

If you are looking for someone who can solve your problem and bring back the old love and strength, and do not want to lose your family, then you need to reassess your kundli with a professional astrologer or pandit. Since 21 years, Pandit Shyam Sharma has solved numerous cases of divorce problems.

Pandit Ji is involved in Kundli, Rahu-ketu dosh nivaran, Tantra vidya, vedic astrology, westeren astrology, tarot card reading and havan puja. Pandit ji has more than 4000 clients all over india. Due to his problem solving skills, people call him “Baba Ji”.

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There are many couples who lost their partners because they did not consult with any recommended astrologer. People recognize Pandit Ji as Love problem baba ji because the pandit ji provided them 100% working solution and helped them to bring the love to their life within the specified time period.

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